Creating content for Alioscopy 3D displays requires combining three levels of skill:

Alioscopy only provides training in the second and third categories. Training sessions, up to 6 attendees, last one day and can be delivered privately on-site or hosted on-demand. Trainees should have good knowledge of 3D computer graphics and a first experience using our scripts.

Training sesssions include:
  • Reminders of the main constraints and characteristics of 3D story-telling
  • Introduction to the main 3D content creation methods
  • Introduction to AlioscopyCamera software
  • Explanations on how to control depth in a 3D scene
  • Practical case study
By the end of the training session, attendees will be able to create content for Alioscopy 3D displays. 3D experience is nevertheless essential to achieve quality animations and the most experienced graphic designers will also go through a learning phase. Note that a training session with Alioscopy is not essential. Our software tools are simple to use and clearly documented. They generally allow graphic designers to achieve their self-learning.
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