1986-2016 : 30 years of innovation in glasses-free 3D

Alioscopy glasses-free 3D displays (auto-stereoscopic 3D screens) show three-dimensional images instantly, without requiring cumbersome eyewear. Each eye sees a different image through a high precision lenticular lens fitted onto the LCD panel, creating a fully natural sensation of depth.

Whether catching the eye, retaining public attention or enhancing the understanding of complex imagery, Alioscopy 3D displays make 3D viewing easier and more user-friendly than ever before. They can show unusually broad scenes with mesmerizing pop-out and depth effects, while remaining fully bright and sharp as well as preserving the original colours and contrast of source images. These high standards have awarded the company international recognition.

Alioscopy offers a wide range of 3D monitors: Full-HD (1920 x 1080) 21.5", 24", 42", 47" and 55", (2560 x 1600) 10.1" and Ultra-HD (3840 x 2160) 31.5" portrait and landscape, 65" portrait and 84" landscape, several of which come in different models. They can display traditional 2D videos as well as proprietary 3D content. The displays can be considered as windows opening on a three-dimensional world. They can embrace a global depth span in and out of the display equal to its width, and occasionally show much broader scenes when content is well suited. Depending on their size, Alioscopy 3D displays can be viewed in good conditions by an audience of 20 to 50 people.

Alioscopy is award-winner in July 2014 of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge, launched by the French "Innovation 2030" Commission. Alioscopy has been named a National Champion for France in the 2016/2017 European Business Awards. In December 2016, in the city of Liege, president and founder Pierre Allio was also given a Lumière Award for the prestigious European 3D Stereography Award, given by the Advanced Imaging Society, for his historical contribution to auto-stereoscopy since 1986.

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