3D Software

  • Alioscopy Mix & Play
    Alioscopy offers all customers software to mix content and to play it back on the displays. Every display entitles to a User License of the Alioscopy Mix & Play software suite. This suite is based on a proprietary compression/decompression codec offering near-lossless quality, while compressing enough to play from standard 7200 rpm disk drives. It is cross-platform and available both for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. AlioscopyMovie aggregates several functions:
    mixing 8 view image series into the Alioscopy image format
    compressing mixed images using a new proprietary codec
    playback of compressed files
    - creating playlist
    interactive interface for content playback (Showcase)

  • AlioscopyCamera
    Alioscopy 3D content must comply with specific rules. Several scripts or plugins have been developed by Alioscopy to assist graphic designers in creating 3D content with their preferred CG software package:
    • AlioscopyCamera for Maya for Autodesk® Maya®
    • AlioscopyCamera for 3dsMax for Autodesk® 3ds Max®
    • AlioscopyCamera for Softimage for Autodesk® Softimage®
    • AlioscopyCamera for Cinema4D pour Maxon® Cinema 4D®

    AlioscopyCamera for Maya v2.0b
    AlioscopyCamera for Maya

    Please contact us if you wish to test one of these scripts or plugins. You are welcome to send us your first 8 view renderings if you would like our feedback. You may also come and see your work in our Paris showroom, if you don't have an Alioscopy display available at hand.

  • Alioscopy SDK (Software Development Kit)
    Most real-time 3D applications can be interfaced with Alioscopy 3D displays. This represents an important field of application for this technology and can apply to many fields: medical and scientific imaging, CAD, design and prototyping, oil and mining, architecture, training, serious gaming, military applications, etc.

    In order to be Alioscopy-Ready, a software must generate 8 compliant viewpoints on the fly, and multiplex them in real-time using a shader (program for graphic adapters). Alioscopy can provide developers with an SDK. It includes detailed instructions on the camera model and several versions of the shader, compatible with most programming environments. The shader can also be reprogrammed by third parties if required, but in all cases, the implemented algorithm is covered by Alioscopy patents. This is why any Alioscopy-Ready development, whether it proceeds from our SDK or not, must necessarily be certified and requires signing a license agreement.

    An alternative to such a development is also offered by TechViz. Click here for more information on the two options above.
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