Digital Signage

Digital signage consists in displaying targeted content to specific locations on a network of displays. Media management is generally run remotely through time-based programming. Digital point-of-sale display (POS) is a specialized application. Advertising using digital signage is known as Digital Out Of Home (DOOH).

3D digital signage favours audience attraction, consumer awareness and improves message memorisation. Whether promoting 3D products or services, conveying a modern, technology minded corporate image, or simply captivating the audience, Alioscopy 3D displays represent a very impactful media support.

Any Out Of Home communication application can be considered:

  • cinema lobbies
  • airports and train stations
  • museums
  • hotels
  • sport arenas
  • corporate building lobbies
  • travel agencies
  • petrol stations
  • amusement parks
  • performance halls
  • clubs and discotheques
  • casinos
  • shopping malls and retail
  • banks
  • fast foods
  • universities
  • public services
  • hospitals and clinics

Alioscopy's proprietary software aliomovie used for content playback can be fully controlled with command line instructions. It can therefore be interfaced with most Content Management Systems (CMS), enabling Alioscopy displays to integrate seamlessly within standard digital signage network architectures.

Digital Signage
Standard digital signage network architecture
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