Alioscopy 3D HD 55"
Alioscopy 3D HD 55" LV

Alioscopy sets the standard of excellence in Glasses-Free 3D with new 55" Display

Alioscopy proudly announced its new flagship product; the Alioscopy 3D HD 55" LV display, during the recent 3D-Festival Beyond in Karlsruhe, Germany - where it was appraised and appreciated by an international audience of film & media professionals.

This new market-leading 3D Display, boasting an unparalleled depth span with impressive sharpness, clarity and brightness for Glasses-Free viewing, was then showcased at the City of Science and Industry in Paris - which is the largest science museum in Europe. Here, Alioscopy attracted massive attention during the national Science Festival, a mid-October event that welcomed over 40,000 visitors.

"Alioscopy continues to innovate in the upper segment of the Glasses-Free 3D market," said Gilles Marcellier, Global Marketing and Sales Director of Alioscopy. "We strive to offer incredible picture quality and an amazing 3D-experience for numerous wide-ranging applications, including; digital signage, medical imagery, point-of-sale advertising, museum & trade-show presentations, marketing & design visualisation, real-time product configurators and serious gaming.

We are extremely proud of this new 55" 3D Display which sets a new standard for the entire industry. The technical advancements we have made in producing this larger Display include a new lens design offering a smooth, flat screen surface sheltering the ultra-high accuracy lens array. We will soon release a portrait-format model, as well as a seamless version for video walls, using a similar lens design.

Our award-winning technology, combined with cutting edge conversion solutions allowing stereoscopic 3D films to be displayed with exceptional quality on our auto-stereoscopic 3D Displays, offers a small glimpse of what consumer televisions will be like in the future."

Visitors at City of Science and Industry also had the opportunity to interact with an Alioscopy 3D HD 42" Display, thanks to an application designed by partner company Alike ( and powered by Unity and Microsoft Kinect.

The new Alioscopy 3D HD 55" LV Display can be seen at the Alioscopy showroom in Paris. Book a visit now to be amazed by the latest in Glasses-Free 3D presentation!

About Alioscopy

Alioscopy has been a pioneer in the field of auto-stereoscopic displays for some 27 years and holds a portfolio of international patents covering key aspects of this technology. Alioscopy Glasses-Free 3D solutions are representative of the foremost technical expertise in the auto-stereoscopic 3D industry.

Alioscopy 3D Displays deliver a unique immersive experience which helps to boost brand recognition by engaging the attention of viewers in retail & public event applications, and can assist with complex decision-making processes where accurate 3D presentation is required.

Alioscopy is headquartered in Paris, France with offices in Las Vegas and Singapore. The company’s U.S. operations are managed by Wizzcom Inc. For further information about Alioscopy, please visit:

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