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CorporateSept. 5, 2016

Alioscopy named a National Champion for France in the European Business Awards

The European Business Awards is an independent Awards programme, sponsored by RSM, set up to recognise and promote business excellence and best practice in the European business community. It is widely recognised as Europe’s largest and most significant cross-sector business competition and is supported by key business leaders, academics, media and politicians.

The guiding principles of the Awards are Innovation, Ethics and Success. Its core purpose is to support the development of a stronger and more successful business community throughout Europe.

The competition is free to enter and open to organisations of all sizes and from any industry sector. Over 32,000 businesses in 33 countries across Europe were competing.

RSM is the lead sponsor, and it has supported the Awards since their inception. RSM is the sixth largest audit, tax and consulting network worldwide. Other partners and sponsors include the UK Department for International Trade, Elite and PR Newswire.

European Business Awards

EuropeAugust 15, 2016

The aquarium The Deep showcases Alioscopy monitors in its exhibition tour

The internationally-famous aquarium known as THE DEEP - which is housed in an iconic building in the current UK City of Culture, Kingston-upon-Hull, was established to tell the story of the world’s oceans… from the beginning of time until today.

One of the first of many unique features that visitors to THE DEEP will encounter is the Fossil Wall - which contains an array of very dramatic fossilised heads from prehistoric sea creatures.

To enhance this Fossil Wall, and add an element of 21st Century storytelling to appeal to tech-savvy kids (of all ages!), THE DEEP engaged digital2go - a UK-based 3D solution provider - to bring three animals back to life.

Alioscopy 55” Glasses-Free 3D Displays, positioned next to the fossilised heads of the Pliosaurus, Archelon & Dunkleosteus, now show exciting and bespoke 3D CGI animations - each of which starts with a full 3D scan of the actual fossil… which is then seen to morph back into the ‘living’ animal.

The three animated sequences were designed & created to tell a specific short story about the Pliosaurus, Archelon & Dunkleosteus, and they end with a ‘surprise’ 3D effect. All three animations can be previewed in 2D by clicking on the icons below.

Just a few months after installation, news of the success of the latest attraction at THE DEEP has spread far & wide.

digital2go is working with other operators of themed public attractions, plus museums, casinos and retail, to deliver solutions based on Alioscopy’s unique & patented glasses-free 3D technology. The company also has a growing business with educational establishments including medical schools & universities - look out for more case studies to follow!

Pliosaurus Archelon Dunkleosteus

CorporateJuly 23, 2014

Worldwide Innovation Challenge

The Worldwide Innovation Challenge was launched in December 2013 by François Hollande, president of the French Republic. It aims at promoting the development of leading companies driven by innovation and harboring a particularly strong potential in seven markets, viewed as strategically important for the French economy. 1200 projects were investigated, 300 were auditioned and 110 winners were selected. An award-winning ceremony was held at the Elysée Palace on July 23, 2014.

Alioscopy was awarded for its virtual reality device enabling a three-dimensional image to "levitate" between the machine and the user. The operator can manipulate this virtual clone, as if he were holding a real object. Among others, the aim is to provide surgeons with an innovative preoperative tools, displaying modeled representations of patient organs, segmented by French company Visible Patient.

Concours Mondial d'Innovation

EuropeDec. 18, 2012

INPI Innovation Awards 2012

INPI Ile de France awarded its 2012 Innovation Awards to Alioscopy, represented by its Chairman Mr. Pierre Allio, in the presence of Mr. Yves Lapierre, CEO of INPI.

The juries acclaimed the innovating technology developed by Alioscopy and chose to reward its capacity for industrial development and its abilities to increase the value of its innovations.

"The patent portfolio held by Alioscopy, enriched by 25 years of R&D and cutting edge engineering, constitutes a major asset in the upcoming competition to access the glasses free 3D consumer market in partnership with established international industrial groups."

INPI 2012

AsiaOct. 20, 2012

Hong Kong - CNN chooses Alioscopy to present the American elections

This campaign was running on one of the new smart JCDecaux Transport ad space in Hong Kong MTR (Central).

CNN campaign

The  is one of the many brainchildren of MTR Advertising’s annual "Innovate" Festival that runs from September to November.

Targeting to promote Innovative Zones at high-traffic MTR stations including Causeway Bay, Central, Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok and Tseung Kwan O, the theme of the new campaigns are based on interactivity and engagement using the latest screen, mobile and interactivity technology.

AsiaOct. 15, 2012

Hong Kong – JCDecaux Transport installs metro's first glasses-free 3D TV for watch label Tissot

For the first time, JCDecaux Transport installs in the Hong Kong metro an Alioscopy 42" screen (Tsim Sha Tsui station) for a Tissot campaign, led by the agency Maxus.


The new smart ad space is one of the many brainchildren of MTR Advertising’s annual "Innovate" Festival that runs from September to November.

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Targeting to promote Innovative Zones at high-traffic MTR stations including Causeway Bay, Central, Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok and Tseung Kwan O, the theme of the new campaigns are based on interactivity and engagement using the latest mobile and interactivity technology.

EuropeJune 1st, 2012

Chiquita reports 30% increase in sales using Alioscopy screen

Chiquita is a global fruit company and one of the bigest banana producers in the world. WizzCom 3D Productions and Chiquita Sweden jointly introduced a new in-store "point of sale solution" for supermarkets. The digital signage concept consists of an autostereoscopic banana promotion film with "jungle sounds" showing on an Alioscopy 3D display, embedded in a custom cabinet. Banana slices fly out of the display, fascinating children and adults alike.

After six months of experimentation, metrics are very positive. Chiquita reports an average 30% increase in sales.

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EuropeJuly 1st, 2011

Carphone Warehouse installs the first 3D digital signage network in the UK

Carphone Warehouse installs twenty-four Alioscopy 3D HD 24'' for in-store advertising. Twenty Carphone Warehouse stores and four Best Buy stores are now advertising LG's new Optimus 3D phone on Alioscopy 3D HD 24'' displays. Project was managed by UK company digital2go.

Content was produced by 3D production and technology specialist Inition. Carphone Warehouse is the first retail chain in Europe to set up a 3D digital signage network based on Alioscopy displays. It will be using these displays to present its hero products in the future.

EuropeJuly 1st, 2011

LG rolls-out 200 Alioscopy displays

LG has chosen to use two hundred Alioscopy 3D HD 24'' displays in mobile phone retail outlets in selected European countries for the release of its new Optimus 3D phone, the World’s First Tri-Dual Architecture Smartphone with full 3D. Project was managed by 3D production and technology specialist Inition. This is Europe’s largest bespoke in-store glasses free 3D campaign to date.

The in-store Alioscopy screens showcase the 3D functionality of the LG Optimus 3D, which lets you record 3D videos and take 3D photos, before watching them back on the phone without the need for 3D glasses. The video shows the LG Optimus 3D used to record stunts performed by freerunners; the stunts are then shared online on a dedicated 3D channel directly from the phone and via an HDMI connection to one of LG’s 3D TV’s.

Craig MacLennan, Channel Marketing Manager at LG Electronics Europe commented: ''This innovative campaign is the perfect way to demonstrate the glasses free experience of the LG Optimus 3D. It reaches consumers at the critical point of purchase and provides engaging, informative, stunning 3D content.''

The live action autostereoscopic footage was shot from 2 separate camera perspectives with 6 extra virtual perspectives created during post production in order to comply with the Alioscopy format. 3D CGI graphic elements were composited with the live action sequences.

Inition also supplied the 200 autostereoscopic screens from Alioscopy, the highest quality glasses-free digital signage screens on the market. These are rolling out in France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, and Benelux. In the UK, the promotion is being played at 20 Carphone Warehouse stores and 4 Best Buy stores with hardware provided through, plus a 2D version is also showing at an additional 330 stores.

Stuart Cupit, Managing Director of Inition said: ''This innovative in-store campaign for LG demonstrates the Smartphone’s functionality and 3D feature set using the breathtaking visual experience of modern glasses-free screen technology. We were delighted to work on the project which drew on Inition’s full range of 3D expertise from technical consultancy and hardware supply, to live action stereoscopic production, CGI and post.''

EuropeJuly 1st, 2011

Gillette chooses Alioscopy in Italy for the launch of Gillette Fusion ProGlide

Naked-eye 3D now conquers advertising! The true revolution in digital signage is done in 3D… without glasses!

Gillette relies on Media3 for its new in-store promotional campaign. Three-dimensional images of a razor entering and popping out of the screen, an audience engaged and fascinated by such a realistic vision… without the need to wear glasses. This is not science fiction. Since beginning of July, this innovative technology can be admired in several shopping malls and perfumeries throughout Italy.

This is a real ''premiere'' for the Italian digital signage market. The promotional campaign of the Gillette Fusion ProGlide is a new approach to three-dimensional communication in Out-Of-Home advertising.

Since the screen is the one ''wearing'' glasses, viewers can enjoy the 3D content instantly. This spectacular way of communicating is a great way to engage passers-by and to grab their attention with unprecedented freedom and usability. The power of the naked eye 3D lies in its ability to entertain the viewer with unprecedented pop-out and depth effects, with great visual comfort and a level of detail impossible to achieve using traditional media.

The one minute and forty seconds 3D video was created and produced by Media3, a company specializing since 2007 in auto-stereoscopic 3D communication (AS3D) and distributing 3D displays from French company Alioscopy®. The campain was managed by BBoard Communications who supported the launch of Gillette Fusion ProGlide with the conception and management at creative and strategic level of a mall floor, with design, high impact point-of-sale displays. The 3D video is enshrined within a razor-shaped Floor Standing Display Unit. And it benefits from highly innovative and technological atmosphere of the event.

The 3D video will be shown in 10 shopping malls during the month of July and at six major Limoni a Gardenia perfumeries.

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