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Alioscopy chairman & founder Pierre Allio pioneered in the field of glasses-free 3D displays (aka auto-stereoscopic displays or AS3D). The company holds a portfolio of international patents covering key aspects of this technology.

  • 1986: Pierre Allio sets the founding principles of digital AS3D
  • 1987: First patent, involving real time digital processing
  • 1999: Establishment of Alioscopy in Paris
  • 2007: Groupe Tranchant takes a 50% stake in the company
  • 2014: Laureate of the World Innovation Challenge
  • 2015: Alioscopy is the most cited actor and Pierre Allio the most designated inventor in Questel database query on AS3D
  • 2016: Cutting-edge 3D to AS3D conversion software finalized
  • 2017: Patent on ideal LCD structure for AS3D granted worldwide
  • 2018: Two new patents pending, essential for handheld devices
  • 2019: Headquarters, R&D and production in Paris, office in Singapore

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