Real-time CG & professional imaging

Alioscopy camera model

Real-time computer graphics is a process for representing three-dimensional data and rendering every image of an animation as it is being displayed. By destination, it is interactive and delivers an immersive experience to the viewer.

Most real-time rendering engines can adapt to autostereoscopy. Since three-dimensional data can be seen successively under different angles, it is usually possible to render eight compliant images simultaneously, in order to display them on an Alioscopy 3D display. Remote rendering, known as "cloud computing", is an alternative to local rendering when local hardware is lacking power.

3D is not only interesting in terms of impact or emotion, it also conveys more information and it can therefore be used as an invaluable decision-making tool. Real-time computer graphics combined with Alioscopy 3D displays may apply to several professional imaging applications:
  • medical imaging
  • scientific modelling
  • design, prototyping and 3D modelling
  • oil, geology and mining
  • architecture and virtual tours
  • simulation
  • serious gaming
  • advergaming (advertising video games)
  • military applications


Two distinct technical approaches can be considered to interface a real-time CG application with Alioscopy 3D displays:
  • Embedding Alioscopy camera model and shader

    Alioscopy's proprietary camera model powers all AlioscopyCamera scripts and complies with very specific geometric rules. It can also be extended to real-time CG applications, providing it is suitably implemented in their source code. Eight images must rendered and mixed on the fly using the Alioscopy shader. Alioscopy can supply developers with an SDK compliant with most programming environments, along with detailed instructions. Each project requires applying a certification procedures carried out by Alioscopy. It ensures the perfect adequacy of the generated images with our displays.

  • Using software solution by TechViz

    TechViz develops advanced visualization solutions compatible with more than 150 professional 3D applications, including CATIA from Dassault Systèmes. This breakthrough software technology enables displaying virtual prototypes directly out of CAD, PLM, geospatial, simulation and serious gaming applications, on an Alioscopy 3D display. It behaves like a virtual graphics adapter and re-interprets the display commands output by your application. Without need for data conversion or reprogramming, it generates 8 views and mixes them on the fly to the Alioscopy format.

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